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    Thursday, January 9, 2020

    Top 10 Schools Performed Well in Form Four Results 2019

    Summary of NECTA's History:
    After Tanzania Mainland had pulled out of the East African Examinations Council, in 1971 and before NECTA was established by Law, in 1973, the Curriculum and Examinations Section of the Ministry of Education was responsible for all examinations. With the establishment of NECTA, the Examinations became its responsibility in accordance with the law.

    Check Top 10 Best Schools below:
    1. Kemebn,
    2. St. Francis Girls of Mbeya,
    3. Feza Boys of Dar es Salaam,
    4. Canossa of Dar es Salaam and
    5. Anwarite Girls of Kilimanjaro.
    6. Precious Blood of Arusha,
    7. The Marian Boys of the Coast region (pwani),
    8. St. Augustine Tagaste of Dar es Salaam,
    9. The Flowering Seminary of Kilimanjaro and
    10. The Musabe Boys of Mwanza.

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